Unleash Your PRIDE with Cosmetic Dentistry!

It’s Pride Month, and the Pearl team is ready to turn up the volume on your smile! Cosmetic dentistry is your secret weapon for unleashing confidence, self-expression, and pure fabulousness. Let’s celebrate the colorful world of Pride and explore how cosmetic dentistry can help you rock a smile that screams “I’m proud, I’m fierce, and […]

Achieve your Hollywood Smile in 2023!

The infamous Hollywood Smile. We’ve seen this term used to describe a grin made up of perfectly white (and perfectly straight) teeth seen on almost all celebrities and influencers! While achieving a Hollywood Smile may seem like a daunting task, it’s much more attainable than you’d think! With the help of modern dental treatments, such […]

What we’re thankful for…

It’s officially the season of giving, gratitude and reflection! We are feeling immensely thankful for our community AND a special thank you to Taylor Swift for our go-to soundtrack going into the next month (P.S. is Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) next?!)  In the spirit of November, we asked our squad what they are most grateful […]

Wait…who has veneers?!

October 7th is World Smile Day and as you can imagine, this is a MAJOR social media holiday for us! As smile obsessed professionals we can’t help but notice the dental changes of the rich and famous. Veneers are a popular solution to perfecting smiles and are used to upgrade those popular grins to celeb […]

Is coffee REALLY that bad for your teeth?

Sept. 29th is a holiday most people don’t remember until their social feed is clogged with basic photos of coffee.   It’s safe to say that this random holiday is more than our excuse for another pumpkin latte, it’s one of our favorite days of the year.  To be honest, our dental squad celebrates every day […]

Teeth Whitening Myth Busting!

Thinking about whitening as your end-of-summer refresh? Make sure you are only making the best decisions for your oral health by educating yourself! We’re here to break down some of the most common whitening myths…  1. Avoid whitening if you have sensitive teeth. Having sensitive teeth does NOT count you out for an added sparkle […]

Botox for your dental health?

You heard that right. More and more treatment options are being discovered to treat all kinds of dental issues, including botox for TMJ, jaw clenching and grinding. The Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the joint that connects the jawbone to the skull. Those with a defectiveness of this joint experience difficulty chewing food and jaw clicking […]

Let’s Get Real About Mental Health!

As part of Mental Health Awareness Month, pearl. is reflecting on how mental and dental health are interconnected – and there are more ways than you might think! Your mental health has an impact on the physical health and upkeep of your entire body, including your teeth. In fact, a recent study from the National […]

Start a New Chapter of Your Story at pearl.!

You heard that right. Our team is growing and we want YOU to be a part of it! We’re actively searching for a passionate and dedicated individual to apply for the role of Dental Hygienist. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of joining the pearl. fam and hear from current employees about why […]

We’re Celebrating the Women Behind pearl.!

With March being Women’s History Month, we wanted to shout out some of the incredible ladies on our team! In the early 2000’s only 38% of dental students in the U.S. were women. The representation of females in the field has made significant progress with 52.6% of predoctoral dental students in 2021 being female! This […]