Achieve your Hollywood Smile in 2023!

The infamous Hollywood Smile. We’ve seen this term used to describe a grin made up of perfectly white (and perfectly straight) teeth seen on almost all celebrities and influencers! While achieving a Hollywood Smile may seem like a daunting task, it’s much more attainable than you’d think! With the help of modern dental treatments, such as professional teeth whitening and veneers, you too can have your very own LA moment.

Many famous musicians, including Madonna and Beyoncé, have been known to sport braces or other orthodontic treatments in order to achieve their dream smile. In fact, some artists have even incorporated their orthodontic journeys into their music. Remember the songs “I Wear My Braces For You” by Drake and “Braces” by The Lonely Island?! From Cardi B to Kate Middleton, we have seen an influx of celebrities sharing about their unique dental journeys and how they achieved their swoon-worthy smiles!

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