The Different Types of Dentists and How to Choose the Right One

There are different types of dentists in Charlotte, for instance, periodontists and oral pathologists. Each of these dentists is specialized in specific tasks. In this article, we will talk about the different categories of dentists and how to know if you have chosen the best one.

Different types of dentists in Charlotte

1. General Dentists

Most patients are likely to visit general dentists. They deal with patients of all ages and their main role is to deal with general teeth problems. They could be the doctors of dental surgery (DDS) or doctors of dental medicine (DMD).

2. Pediatric Or Pedodontists Dentists

A pedodontist is a general dentist that is in charge of young adults and children. They play the same role as the general dentists, though they have specialized training in dealing with young patients.

The main focuses for the pedodontists and general dentists:

– Teeth Cleanings
– Cosmetic procedures and teeth whitening
– Fillings
– Dental implants
– Placing of dentures, sealants, crowns, bridges, and veneers
– Treating the pulp and nerve issues, root canal therapies, and gum care
– Extractions
– Oral surgeries
– Nutritional counseling and home care instructions
– Tobacco Cessation

3. Orthodontist

Orthodontists are majorly specialized in correcting bites using braces or retainers and aligning the jaw and teeth. They work to ensure your teeth look better and the mouth functions well. Their main role is to:

– Locate future and current problems in the patient’s jaw and teeth
– Correcting dental problems using braces and retainers
– Tailoring treatment plans for patients

4. Periodontist

They are the dentists who specialize in the area around the teeth such as the bone and gum tissue. Although general dentists deal with early prevention of gum disease, periodontists normally handle more serious problems. Their main role is:

– Treating problems like gum disease and how to prevent it in the future
– Diagnosing problems in the patient’s oral bones and gum tissues

5. Root Canal Specialist or Endodontist

All dentists are trained on how to deal with endodontic therapy but endodontists usually specialize in the training. Endodontists deal with inner soft tissues of the tooth and the nerves in the tooth that an average dentist cannot handle. Their main role is to:

– Diagnose problems with the teeth pulp or nerve
– Do root canal therapy and prevent any further damage to them

6. Oral Pathologists

These are dentists that have studied oral pathology. Their specialization ranges from medical and dental professions such as the internists’ dermatologists, neck and head surgeons to the infectious diseases specialists. Their main role is to diagnose biopsy specimens that are removed from oral areas to allow them to identify and treat oral diseases.

7. Prosthodontists

This dentist replaces and restores the patient’s teeth. They have advanced training to improve their functionality and better your smile. Their main role is to:

– Improve teeth functionality
– Repair and replace teeth with dentures, veneers, bridges, and crowns and the removable fixtures
– Close teeth gaps or change tooth shape
– Teeth whitening

You should first consult a general dentist so that he can refer you to a specialist if need be. Your dental situation or age can affect how frequently you visit the dentist but visiting the dentist twice a year is recommended.

How to know if you have the chosen the best dentist in Charlotte

1. Your Dentist Actively Listens to You

The best dentist will aim at helping their patient. For the best dentists, their listening skills and the physical technique skills match up. They will listen carefully and never rush into treatment.

2. Your Dentist Educates You

You will rely on the dentist on matters of medical issues, oral health, treatment options, or good dental practice since you did not go to a dental school. The best dentist will, therefore, take the time to explain different options in order to boost your confidence and enhance your smile.

3. Your Dentist Respects Your Time and Resources

A dentist who is right for you will never give you treatments that you cannot afford or keep you in the waiting room for long periods of time. They will be punctual in every appointment and will give you options that are good and affordable for you.

4. Your Dentist Cares About the Staff

The best dentists usually care about the welfare of both the patient and the staff. They are attentive and kind to the staff and interact well with all their co-workers.

5. Your Dentist Follows Up With You

A dentist that actively follows up with you after a difficult and long dental procedure, just to make sure you are ok and nothing is hindering your recovery, is best.

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