Teeth Whitening Myth Busting!

Thinking about whitening as your end-of-summer refresh? Make sure you are only making the best decisions for your oral health by educating yourself! We’re here to break down some of the most common whitening myths… 

1. Avoid whitening if you have sensitive teeth.

Having sensitive teeth does NOT count you out for an added sparkle to your smile. Qualified dental professionals (like us!) make sure you are always comfortable, taken care of and receiving a pain-free procedure. Tell your dentist if you have sensitive teeth so they can accommodate you with available options. 

2. Teeth whitening is harmful to tooth enamel.

When whitened properly and with high quality gel, getting your teeth whitened should not be detrimental to your tooth enamel. Professionals (👋) will ensure the whitening is done properly and with the correct tools including cleaning agents to target those stubborn stains specifically without damaging enamel. 

3. Natural teeth can be paper white.

The bottom line with whitening is that natural teeth WILL NOT become bright, paper white. Color of teeth will depend and vary from person to person with some able to gain whiter smiles due to naturally whiter teeth. It is important to remember that results will be different, but your teeth will be whiter after treatment. 

4. It removes ALL my stains and discoloration.

Unfortunately, there are certain outside factors that cause staining and discoloration in teeth, that even whitening can’t fix. These causes include genetics, age and level of staining due to activities like smoking or drinking coffee. As we get older, our enamel breaks down and makes complete whitening harder to accomplish.

5. Over the counter options are just as effective as professional whitening.

At-home whitening is not going to be as impactful for your teeth as professional care. Some at-home kits are not safe and may not be given the stamp of approval from your dentist. The best way to get professional and quality results is through booking a professional appointment. 

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