Every Day Starts with a Team Huddle

Through Our Eyes: Stories from Our Dental Hygienists

Dear Pearl. Patient,

I love it when we huddle.

You know that thing the Carolina Panthers do before they snap the ball: they get together, review the play, and make sure everyone knows what’s about to go down?

Alright– well, we do the same thing– every day– JUST FOR YOU!

Each morning, our whole team gets together– the front office team and the clinical team– to talk about the game plan for the day. If you have an appointment today, we talk about the best way to care for you– and I’m not just talking about the best way to fix your teeth– we go way past that.

We talk about YOU as a person: What makes you most comfortable while you’re here? Do you like to watch a certain show? Did you recently get married or are you planning to get married? Do you have a meeting right after your appointment and need to leave our office by a certain time? Did you mention a new brewery or restaurant when you were here last? Do we need to schedule your teeth whitening appointment?

How do we do it? Why do we do it? These are good questions, and here’s the answer: Basically, when you’re here for a cleaning, and you come back for a crown, your hygienist is responsible for making sure the dentist and the assistants know what you need.

On the other hand, if you just finished Invisalign with the dentist and now you’re coming in for a cleaning, the doctors and assistants need to make sure your hygienist knows about your retainers or your next refinement appointment.

Our morning huddle is the way we make sure we are prepared to take care of you before, during, and after your appointment.

There’s a whole gang of us around here, in two locations, with 3 dentists and an oral surgeon– but there’s only ONE of YOU– and it’s our job to make sure you can feel the love.

Happily Huddling,

Your Dental Hygienist

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