Going to the Dentist is Considered Self-Care

Through Our Eyes: Stories from Our Dental Hygienists

Dear Pearl. Patient,

I love it when you let your phone go to voicemail during your cleaning appointment.

You scheduled this cleaning 6 months ago, put it on your work calendar and told your boss you’d be out for a dentist’s appointment today.

What happens? You get here, start your cleaning, and the phone rings.

And, hey, trust me– it’s cool. Life happens, emergencies pop up, and sometimes you need to take the call.

In fact, I’ll always pause and give you a chance to take the call if you need to.

However, I love it– LOVE IT– when you glance at the phone, see that it’s a non-emergency, and say, “Keep going. The call can wait. I told them I was going to the dentist, so this is my time for myself.”

Inside, I’m screaming, hell yeah it’s your time!

It’s okay to take 30 minutes out of your life to do something for yourself, even if it’s just a trip to the dentist.

Keep Rocking On,

Your Dental Hygienist

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