We Love When You Laugh at the Dentist Office

Through Our Eyes: Stories from Our Dental Hygienists

Dear Pearl. Patient,

I love it when you laugh out loud (or try not to laugh) while I’m cleaning your teeth.

I know you’re stressed out. When you come to your appointments, you bring two cell phones, your backpack, your AirPods, and your Apple watch. You’re on your lunch break, or you just stopped by your desk to turn your computer on, or you’re between meetings. You’re not in the mood to talk. You just need your teeth cleaned. I get it.

Your mind is racing when you lie down in my chair, but The Office is on the TV above you, and even though you’ve already seen this episode, you don’t mind watching it again.

It’s that episode where Michael Scott does that dumb thing– and you burst out laughing– while I’m flossing your teeth. Lol! I love that! It makes me laugh too– no worries.

I can tell when you’re trying to hold it in. Your belly starts shaking and you want to smile but you’re trying to hold your mouth open.

Listen– sometimes I’m stressed out too. Anyone who is laughing in my chair gives me life…instantly!

Damn, laughter really ithe best medicine 😉

Your dental hygienist

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