Tips To Keep Fresh Breath/Dating After COVID-19

Dating is back. If you’ve been connecting with new suitors online, it’s time to get back out there IRL.

Per the CDC and recommended guidelines from the NC Governor, small groups of less than 10 are allowed outside; Phase 2 allowed for restaurants to reopen with 50% capacity and additional seating/safety regulations. Which means: first dates!

If your dating activities have looked anything like the rest of the world’s, you’ve probably been having plenty of Facetime and Zoom dates from your dating app matches. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tinder recorded a record-breaking 3 billion swipes in a single day (Shaw, 2020). Other platforms have also seen a spike in usage. Most dating platforms have seen a 15% increase in usership since COVID-19 hit the United States (Brown, 2020). Prior to stay-at-home orders, many people utilizing dating apps weren’t video chatting with their matches, but 69% of users have been open to video chatting with a potential partner since (Fisher, 2020).

From virtual happy hours to movie dates online, the dating scene has been getting creative. Of course, fresh breath isn’t the biggest priority on virtual dates! You’re way more interested in getting to know the person and enjoying some virtual time with them. Without face-to-face interaction, it can be easy to forget how important fresh breath is on a date; bad breath can ruin your entire night! With the return of real dates, it’s important to prepare and make your best first impression. Your smile may be the first thing they notice, but your breath is the second. We think these tips will be a great reminder for keeping up fresh breath – and help you impress your date!

Before your date, put these tips in your pocket, and pack these provisions:

Clean your tongue

Using a metal tongue scraper, you can keep your breath fresh all night; use bathroom breaks throughout the evening to stay fresh!

Use an oxygenated or alcohol-free mouthwash 

We recommend travel-size Listerine or an alcohol-free mouthwash can be made quickly with: 1 tablespoon of baking soda, a cup of warm water & three drops of peppermint essential oil.

Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water throughout the night!

Use gum or mints

Any gum or mint that contains xylitol, an artificial sweetener, is a quick solution for freshening your breath.

Avoid pungent foods

We all love garlic bread, but it’s best to avoid foods with garlic, onions, and any other strong smelling ingredients on a first date.

Keep a travel toothbrush kit in your car/purse

After your meal take a quick trip to the bathroom and check for anything that may have gotten caught in your teeth!

First dates aren’t the only time when fresh breath is necessary. Just like a beautiful smile, fresh breath is always in style! Keeping your breath fresh is easy to do and keeping your teeth clean should be part of your regular dental hygiene routine.

Here are some more tips to promote fresh breath:

Schedule two dentist appointments a year 

Regular check-ups help keep your teeth and gums healthy; our dental professionals help clean the spots that are hard to get during everyday brushing.

Brush and floss twice a day

Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing regularly helps freshen your breath and prevent gum disease.

Eat probiotic foods

Kimchi, yogurt, and kefir are all full or probiotics, which helps to support healthy bacteria.

Chew on mint leaves or parsley 

These all-natural remedies help remove odor-causing bacteria from your teeth thanks to the chlorophyll in the leaves.

Snack on crunchy foods

Apples, celery, and carrots all help produce saliva while you’re eating them, which cleans your mouth of bad bacteria.

Steer clear of nicotine and alcohol products 

It’s no secret that nicotine and alcohol aren’t good for you; the awful smells from nicotine and alcohol can linger on your clothes and your breath, so it’s best to avoid as much as possible.

Get new dental equipment when needed

You should be switching out your dental products when your current ones expire or get worn; It’s also good practice to switch out your toothbrush after you recover from an illness.

Clean retainers, dentures and sleep mouth products regularly 

These products can harbor bacteria, so they should be cleaned more frequently to prevent any bacteria getting where it shouldn’t be.

Following these fresh breath tips is just the start of what could be an amazing first date. Fingers crossed you get that kiss!

Work on incorporating these practices into your daily hygiene for the best breath possible.

Now that you’ve got lots of great tips, we recommend a visit to see us too. We are now taking Charlotte dentist appointments for Cleanings, Invisalign, Dental Implants, Crowns & Bridges, Veneers, Fillings, Whitening, Root Canals, Nightguards, Breath Control, and Fluoride.

We can’t wait to see your beautiful smile!


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