Repairing Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are fixed appliances that are mounted in a patient’s mouth when he or she has one or more missing teeth. Dental bridges could last for decades but once in a while, replacement or repairing may need to be done. Normally, the abutments are anchored to healthy teeth. A dental bridge repair can be done when your dentist has identified a problem during your routine check-up or when the bridge is broken.

What Causes Dental Bridge Failure?

Most dental bridges are made of ceramic or porcelain to underlay the metal frame. A lack of proper oral care may result in the failure of the dental bridge. The tooth with the anchored abutment may also fracture or decay if bacteria get under the bridge via the crown. Additionally, the bridge can become loose, or its color can fail to match the teeth surrounding it.

When Do Dental Bridges Need Fixing?

Dental bridges can last up to thirty-five years. Since abutment teeth are usually covered and signs of decay are not always visible, sensitivity around the gum or tooth could be an indication that the bridge needs to be repaired.

If pieces of porcelain come out, there is a crack in your tooth, you feel pain, or it becomes sensitive when brushing or chewing, then you should visit your dentist so that it can be fixed.

Repairing Dental Bridges

The cause of the bridge failure will determine the process of treatment that the dentist will take. If the abutment tooth is the cause of the dental bridge failure, then the dentist will remove the bridge. Fixed bridges are usually cemented to the patient’s abutment teeth, therefore the original bridge has to be broken. In case the abutment teeth cannot be replaced by your dentist, new abutments will be used in supporting the new bridge. The bridge coating is replaced if it is fractured or chipped but is still functioning well.

Good oral care habits are recommended to increase the longevity of the dental bridges.

Daily cleaning, regular dental cleaning, drinking water, and eating fruits and vegetables are also recommended to keep your dental bridges in good condition. Contact our Pearl Dentistry team in Uptown Charlotte NC today to learn more about repairing dental bridges and ways you can improve your smile.