If you have a missing tooth or teeth, and you want to get a replacement, then all you have to is to pay a visit to one of the many Charlotte dentists near your residence. There are several tooth replacement options including the use of dental bridges. Below are the major types of dental bridges that are recommended by Charlotte dentists;


Traditional Dental Bridges


These are the most regularly used type of bridges. These bridges are designed with one or more prosthetics (‘fake teeth’) which are held by the dental crowns. The dental crowns are also referred to as the abutments and are cemented to the tooth adjacent to the patient’s missing tooth.

Traditional bridges are used when the gap left by the missing tooth is surrounded by two natural teeth on each side and are adjacent to the gap. These bridges are strong enough to even to replace the molars.


Cantilever Bridges


These bridges are similar to the traditional bridges, but the ‘fake tooth’ is supported by the abutment on just one side. If there is just one natural tooth next to the gap, the bridge may still be secured. For the bridge to be supported by the adjacent tooth, its enamel must be removed.


Maryland Bridges


These are more conservative than the traditional bridges. Porcelain or metal framework holds the bridge in place. The structure is attached to the back of the two teeth neighbouring the missing tooth. The resin holding the bridge in place will determine its strength. Areas in which much biting force is exerted such as the molars are not suitable for this type of bridge.


Implant Supported Bridges


This type of bridge can be used for patients having multiple missing teeth. The bridges are supported by a dental implant instead of frameworks or crowns. Each missing tooth has its implant.

The multiple implants are used in supporting the bridge. A bridge may be suspended between the two supported crowns when placing each implant for every missing tooth is not possible. These bridges are very comfortable and secure since they are secured by implants. The bridges look and function like the missing teeth they replace. Dental bridges can be used in covering a gap in your smile with the type of bridge that will suit you most.