Your dentist can suggest various solutions if you have a missing tooth or teeth. Inexpensive dentures and bridges are some of the options that will help a patient in leaving behind the embarrassment and discomfort caused by missing teeth. Your Uptown dentist in Charlotte, NC can also recommend you a full mouth dental implant. Although implants are a bit pricey than the dentures, they offer numerous advantages compared to the dentures and the value of money is always attained. Some of the advantages of full mouth dental implants include;


1. Providing A Permanent Solution

Unlike dentures that will have to be removed on a daily basis or crowns and bridges that will require regular check-ups, the dental implants offer a permanent solution to any missing tooth or teeth. A periodontist places the full dental implants by attaching them directly into the jawbone. Crows are then placed into the implants for a natural looking and secure jawbone.

2. Offering Comfort And Stability

You should not worry at all about the durability of the implant since it is mounted on the jawbone. The comfort level offered by the
implants makes it the widely used choice in offering a long-term solution for individuals with diseased, missing, or damaged teeth.

3. Better Bone

Full mouth implants are the best in maintaining the jawbone. Dentures may cause distortion of the bone which may lead to recession of the jawbone or collapsing of the mouth. The dental implants preserve the bone when they integrate with the jawbone; hence you can restore your beautiful smile.

4. Easier To Maintain

Since dental implants are permanently integrated into the patient’s jaw bone, you will not have to get them out for cleaning and repairs and maintenance are very rare. Although routine check-ups will be done regularly, the patient will only have to care for them like the natural teeth by flossing once daily and brushing them twice in a day. You can have a brighter smile and relax, knowing that your teeth are intact. You should discuss with your dentist if the full mouth dental implant is best for you before it is done.